Business Revolution Starts with Cutting-Edge Technology


Managing a profitable business can be hard today – we know the reality. Managing everything from HR to bookkeeping and accounting, which can make or break your operation, it can be hard to track all of the finer details. However, these finer details tell the big picture, and are you happy with that big picture?


Luckily, you’ve come to the premiere one-stop platform for business growth? Bizggro is the ultimate platform to help businesses drive growth and efficiency all across the board. With functions and features that cover customer relationship management (CRM), bookkeeping and accounting, and even eSigning, you’ll never have to use another platform again. Check out all of our service offerings and support features below.

Bizggro Features

Electronic Signing

Document Sharing

Bookkeeping & Accounting 


Task Management

Sales Campaign


Stock Control

HR Management

Unified Emails

Business Contact Organization

And More!

Bizggro allows businesses and organizations to more effectively and efficiently handle all of their administrative tasks including sale, customer service, staffing, stock control, contracts, and finances all in one, simple, easy to use, seamlessly integrated software application designed to drive efficiency in today’s business world.

Ready to double your annual revenue? It starts with a little added support.

Drastically Improve Efficiency With Bizggro

Bizggro is the latest cloud-based solution that actually works. Not only does it allow business and organizations to move into the realm of the paperless future, but it also eliminates clutter and mess from any office, freeing up much-needed space and facilities, while also eliminating printing costs.

  • Eliminate time-wasting processes like data entry.
  • Eliminate the cost of multiple software applications.
  • Instantly view customer reviews and ratings to help improve your customer service.
  • With a streamlined workflow, make more effective decisions faster than ever before.

Customer Support

At Its Best

In today’s world, we understand just how important customer service and tech support can be. For that very reason, we’ve made our customer support and tech support teams available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. And although we’ve designed Bizggro to be the world’s easiest business management tool currently found within the market, our team of dedicated staff is always standing by at the ready to provide you with quick answers for all of your questions.

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About Us

Welcome to Bizggro, your all-in-one business management platform made by business leaders, for business leaders.

We’re making it easier for businesses to manage their day-to-day functions in a visually stunning, user-intuitive software application specifically designed to drive efficiency for businesses and organizations of any scope, scale, and size.

When it comes to business management and the success of your company, why settle for second best? Team up with Bizggro and seamlessly integrate our business management software application directly into your existing workflow without missing a beat. Instantly, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into a vast store of knowledge and experience that will only help to improve your business in nearly every respect. You can’t do it all; it’s important to recognize when it’s time to let the professionals come into the picture.

If you’re struggling to gain a clear sense of the big picture for your business or organization, work with our team to gain deeper insights into your workflow. Our research and development team will always spend the time to design innovative solutions to your challenges, so that you don’t ever have to spend time worrying about something that you may not have the expertise or know-how to change, fix, or remedy. Let Bizggro handle your business development while you spend time focusing on what’s important, running your business, connecting with customers, and driving profits!

And don’t forget, Bizggro was founded on the premise of driving business and organizational efficiency.

In order to do just that, we must practice what we preach. Our team is your team by extension, even though we’ve worked to design our software application with the highest standard of user-experiences within the market. We want to develop a positive, enduring, and trustworthy professional relationship with our clients. In order to do that, we remain steadfast in our dedication to providing expert service, exceptional quality, and technical savvy to get the job done right each and every day.

Our Mission

Here at Bizggro, our mission is simple. We want to help drive business and organizational efficiency for each of our clients by simply building a relationship built upon trust and mutual respect.

 We are all about creating, and we use a wide spectrum of increasingly convergent and interlinked information as a tool to drive innovation within our solutions. Each and every day, we work to solve the concerns and inquiries of our clients, while also continually revising, developing, and optimizing our product to ensure that the lives of our clients are easier, more efficient, and less stressful.

We’ve even worked to establish long-lasting partnerships with companies like Averox, Bleupage, and Tabfu to ensure that we provide all of the right resources to not only meet the needs and requirements of our clients, but to also exceed them. How could you possibly fail with such a powerful trio behind you? Don’t forget, we’ll never fail to support your business because once you join Bizggro, you’re family.

Bizggro Features

Bizggro is your all-in-one software application specifically designed to drive business and organizational efficiency all across the board. Trust us, you’ve never seen a business development platform as powerful as Bizggro. With more than 14 different featured applications, forget about the old days of licensing multiple software platforms just to perform fundamental business practices. With Bizggro, those days are long gone because we’re paving the way for a business revolution.

View all of Bizggro’s features below!


  • Organizational Administration At Your Fingertips & On One Screen
  • Add Custom User Departments & Authorize Access
  • Facilitate Employee Communications
  • Organize Office Operations & Procedures
  • Create User Groups With Clear Visibility, Rules, & Roles
  • Create & Maintain Office Records
  • Create & Manage User-Types As Per Company Structure
  • Flexible User-Interface To Help Synchronize Employee Activities
  • Powerful Search & Edit Options For Users & Departments

HR Management

  • Manage All HR Processes From One Screen
  • Process Leave Management For All Staff Members
  • Modify Employee Workflow
  • Apply, Approve, & View Company-Wide Leaves
  • Create & Manage All HR Categories
  • View Employee Performance, Leave, & Contract Information In One Location
  • Generate & View Detailed Leave Reports
  • Generate & View Custom Leave Types

Task Management

  • Assign Tasks To Staff, Colleagues, & Groups With Deadlines
  • Monitor Progress & Activities Performed
  • Generate & View Daily, Weekly, & Monthly To-Do Lists
  • Calculate Time Spent, Overspend, Delays, & Project Efficiency
  • Identify Existing Delays
  • Prioritize Tasks Quickly & Efficiently
  • Generate & View User-Productivity Charts
  • Record Activities & Time Spent on Projects
  • Observe Employee Performance
  • Analyze Monthly Staff Reports
  • Easily Identify Underperforming Staff
  • Automate Tasks


  • Manage Custom CRM Criteria
  • Enhance Sales Team Performance
  • Scale Your Business Efficiently
  • Generate & View Complete Customer Overview
  • Customize Credit Worthiness
  • Create Custom Payment Terms


  • Modify Company Contacts
  • Create Job Titles & Departments
  • Gain Increased Accessibility To Company Information
  • Share Numerous Resources Amongst Management & Staff
  • Search Contacts With Name & Email
  • Utilize The Communication Structure
  • Complete Contact Addresses


  • Complete Event Management
  • Create & Schedule An Event & Send Invitations
  • Event Management Added For Employee Farewells, Work Anniversaries, & More
  • Create & Edit Invitations
  • Save Official Company Memories
  • Create Custom Event Types
  • Set The Status For All Events


  • Plan Marketing Campaigns
  • Manage Campaign Time & Budgets
  • Create Unique Codes For Campaigns
  • Update Sales Orders & Opportunities
  • Generate User-Campaign Assignments
  • Implement Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
  • Set Campaign Targets, Budgets, & Deadlines
  • Assign Campaign-Related Tasks To Teams
  • Select Campaign Teams
  • Halt, Close, & Complete Campaigns
  • Create & Manage Campaign Types


  • Upload & Share Multiple Documents
  • Share & Upload Confidential Documents for Signatures
  • Sign Multiple Signatures
  • Include Multiple Parties For Signature Sequences
  • Both Bizggro & Non-Bizggro Users Can Send & Receive Signed Copies
  • Manage & Monitor Signing Versions & Complete Histories
  • Verify Each Signature Through The Bizggro Verification System


  • Generate Invoices
  • Track Invoices
  • Track Purchase Orders
  • Generate Reports Quickly
  • View Profits & Losses, Sales Tax, Late payments, Receivables, Expenses
  • Manage Miscellaneous Transaction Categories
  • Generate Tax & Company Tax Invoices


  • Complete Newsletter Management
  • Create A Newsletter & Make Editable Changes According To Company Requirements
  • Design Interface For Businesses & Organizations
  • Add Multiple Types of Newsletters
  • Determine Status & Type of Newsletters With Attachments
  • View Sales, Leads, & Profits Generated
  • Create & Update Mailing List
  • Set Customized Status
  • Fully Customizable Newsletter Types & Layouts

Stock Control

  • View Details of Company Products All In One Easy To Use Platform
  • Categorize Multiple Products For Streamlined Organization
  • Manage Products According To Company & Organizational Requirements

User Chat

  • Interact With Company Employees In One Platform
  • Create Groups & Sent Follow Up Messages
  • Problem Solve Challenges Facing Employees & Managers Quickly & Efficiently
  • Utilize The Perfect Combination of Communication & Performance
  • Manage Team Tools Efficiently
  • Easily Reach Your Colleagues In A Single Connected Chat Application

Manage Your Whole Business On The Go


Bizggro Is Fully Secure & Protected

In order to protect the integrity of our clients and their sensitive information, we utilize a co-located server with multiple layers of security between user data and the application itself, with all access to our data restricted. In addition, all sensitive information is encrypted before being stored in our server. User documents are stored on AWS s3 with strict access policies.


Data theft, vandalism, or SQL injections are prevented by our dedicated SQL server and are managed by .NET 4.6 & MS standards. Moreover, we have defined additional access layers to our dedicated user data server from our application server. To provide recoverability in the event of any data loss, we are constantly creating backups of user data. 

HTPS connections are utilize to encrypt every request and response between the client and the server from end-to-end, ultimately ensuring secure cookies and sessions, while also preventing intrusions from untrusted sources.

Furthermore, we also ensure maximum server upkeep, recoverability, and prevention from different types of cyber attacks including, but not limited to DDoS attacks.

Trust & Transparancy

When it comes to the data and sensitive information of our users, we understand that when you choose to use Bizggro to grow your business, you place your trust in us, in that we’ll always do everything we can to ensure that your information is safe, secure, and protected. For that very reason, we’ve gone to tremendous lengths to implement advanced security features and protocols to ensure that the risk for intrusion is always kept to a minimum.

We know that the world can be a daunting place, but simply by using Bizggro to scale your business or organization, you can reap the benefits of hard work the old fashioned way, but with new, cutting-edge and innovative technology. And when any party tries to intrude in our systems with malicious intent, they’ll quickly realize what they’re up against. And a thousand powerful businesses who got where they are by dedicating the time and resources to make themselves as competitive as possible will always out number the those parties looking for an easy way in.

Here at Bizggro, we want our users to rest assured knowing that we always have your best interest in mind.

Why Us?

Bizggro For Small Businesses
Bizggro is a tremendous asset for all types of small businesses, sole proprietorships, entrepreneurs, and brick and mortar stores because it allows owners and managers to quickly perform all of the fundamental business processes that are integral to reach sustainable financial success. Affiliate marketers, web designers, content writers, photographers, video producers, accountants, attorneys, recruiters, caterers, or even entrepreneurs and home-based businesses all must maintain savvy financial transactions to file tax returns, monitor receivables, payables, profit and loss, and much more. Bizggro is the all in one solution to take care of all of your invoicing, POs, and inventory management needs.
Bizggro For Medium Scale Businesses
As a highly scalable solution, Bizggro can help SMEs scale quickly and efficiently. As your premiere and complete SME accounting system, you’ll gain instant access to features like document sharing, document management, eSigning, customer service, marketing campaigns, newsletters, event management, HR management, and much more! This is your full-service solution designed to make your business or organization run more efficiently for years to come.
Bizggro For Large Corporations
Bizggro helps large corporations scale quickly by hosting the platform on their own premises or their preferred hosting service. In addition, it can quickly drive efficiency in large corporations by providing complete visibility for every department, manager, and employee. When it comes to large corporations, we understand that it may be too much to change your entire business practice. Remember, we want to make it easier for larger corporations to integrate Bizggro into their daily workflow, so we’ll always do everything we can to ensure that Bizggro seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow in whatever ways work for you.

Our Services

Bizggro is a highly scalable and customizable platform specifically designed to provide a more personalized business management experience for our clients. Our endless range of customization services makes Bizggro the primary business management applications currently available within the market.

In addition, if you don’t have the time or the resources to implement Bizggro into your current workflow, let us know! We can work with you to ensure that you can reap all of the benefits that Bizggro can provide for your unique business or organization.

  If you’re using multiple platforms for accounting, bookkeeping, management, etc., we can work with you to migrate your data into Bizggro. Our data migration service will ensure that not a single line of code or text is lost throughout the migration process.  

Try Bizggro Out For Yourself

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Special Year End Offer
$ 49 Life-Time
  • 10 Users
  • Customer relationship management(CRM)
  • E-Signing
  • Documents Management
  • Events Management
  • NewsLetters
  • Inventory/Stock
  • HR Management
  • E-Campaigns
  • Projects Management
  • Emails BigBox
  • User Chat
  • BookKeeping
  • Documents Sharing


Special Year End Offer
$ 99 Life-Time
  • Unlimited Users
  • Customer Relationship
  • E-Signing
  • Documents Management
  • Events Management
  • NewsLetters
  • Inventory/Stock
  • HR Management
  • E-Campaigns
  • Projects Management
  • Emails BigBox
  • User Chat
  • BookKeeping
  • Documents Sharing

Try Bizggro Out For Yourself

Have a question about Bizggro, our platform, or any other general inquiry? You’ve come to the right place. Please view our most frequently asked questions below to see if we can help. If you do not see your question listed, or if you are unsatisfied by our provided response or explanation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly. A member of our team is patiently standing by at the ready to do everything they can to address your unique inquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and bringing you aboard the Bizggro team!