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Drastically Improve Efficiency With Bizggro

Bizggro is the latest cloud-based solution that actually works. Not only does it allow business and organizations to move into the realm of the paperless future, but it also eliminates clutter and mess from any office, freeing up much-needed space and facilities, while also eliminating printing costs.

  • Eliminate time-wasting processes like data entry.
  • Eliminate the cost of multiple software applications.
  • Instantly view customer reviews and ratings to help improve your customer service.
  • With a streamlined workflow, make more effective decisions faster than ever before.

Customer Support

At Its Best

In today’s world, we understand just how important customer service and tech support can be. For that very reason, we’ve made our customer support and tech support teams available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. And although we’ve designed Bizggro to be the world’s easiest business management tool currently found within the market, our team of dedicated staff is always standing by at the ready to provide you with quick answers for all of your questions.

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Bizggro Is Fully Secure & Protected

In order to protect the integrity of our clients and their sensitive information, we utilize a co-located server with multiple layers of security between user data and the application itself, with all access to our data restricted. In addition, all sensitive information is encrypted before being stored in our server. User documents are stored on AWS s3 with strict access policies.


Data theft, vandalism, or SQL injections are prevented by our dedicated SQL server and are managed by .NET 4.6 & MS standards. Moreover, we have defined additional access layers to our dedicated user data server from our application server. To provide recoverability in the event of any data loss, we are constantly creating backups of user data. 

HTPS connections are utilize to encrypt every request and response between the client and the server from end-to-end, ultimately ensuring secure cookies and sessions, while also preventing intrusions from untrusted sources.

Furthermore, we also ensure maximum server upkeep, recoverability, and prevention from different types of cyber attacks including, but not limited to DDoS attacks.

Try Bizggro Out For Yourself

Have a question about Bizggro, our platform, or any other general inquiry? You’ve come to the right place. Please view our most frequently asked questions below to see if we can help. If you do not see your question listed, or if you are unsatisfied by our provided response or explanation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly. A member of our team is patiently standing by at the ready to do everything they can to address your unique inquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and bringing you aboard the Bizggro team!